I haven’t been on this blog in forever.

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Kelly you’ll be one of the people I’ll re-follow. 

I think I am going to delete this tumblr and just go an follow the people who I consider friends and crap. I hardly ever use tumblr anymore anyways. 






i wanna wake up and have a bunch of cool tattoos. i don’t want to get them or pay for them

I can’t stand ppl like this

sorry. i didnt really mean it. waking up with tattoos i didnt ask for would be scary

It is more the point of this post. You want to wake up with “cool” tattoos, meaning if you have tattoos you automatically are cool, even though you put no thought into them or are willing to put in the time and pain it takes to get a good tattoo. The worst part is that you aren’t willing to do either of those things but as well you don’t want to pay the tattoo artist doing this for you. Artists who love their work and spend a lifetime practicing their craft. Tattoos have to be earned. That is the point that I am striving to make. One cannot just wake up with tattoos, that is why we think tattoos are cool in the first place, because it is an artful expression of someones personality that they struggled to get physically and financially. Go get some temporary tattoos if this bothers you. 

oh, no, sorry about the confusion. what i meant by “i didnt really mean it” was that i didnt really mean it

as in i do not actually in reality hold the actual opinions expressed in the silly post i made earlier today

also even if i did, wanting to wake up with “cool” tattoos wouldn’t be the same thing as thinking that all tattoos are cool or that all people with tattoos are cool. you know as well as i do that some tattoos look cooler than other tattoos. you know what i’m talking about.

also if you woke up with a tattoo there wouldn’t be a tattoo artist to not pay because it would be magic. remember that we’re thinking about a magical, fantasy situation in which a finished tattoo just suddenly appears spontaneously on someone’s body. 

and furthermore i challenge the idea that getting a tattoo through literal magic wouldn’t be cool

Who wants to play me in Playstation All Stars?

Yo. How have you kids been?


technology is changing the way we interact


technology is changing the way we interact




I have been laughing for like 10 minutes